Monday, July 14, 2008

New American Tapes Inzanity

AM-666 Sixes 3c30 boxset / is it is after a demonic wait...AM 666/what better to bust it with than with that Hellfire Wildman SIXES AKA AJ AKA RJ AKA Ryan from SF, Crash Worship, Death Throes, Man Slaughter, etc. Mammoth 3 cassette set of the classic Sixes gnarl, grind. Electronic mayhem comes close to the Mongol finesse of his Electric Heavyland label LP. Six sides of manhandled scatter and brass tax choke attack. Packaged in a handpainted case with poster. Limited to 66. $20

AM-730 General Assurance "Abundancia En Su Vida" c90/New duo of weirdo kids Rick P. & Tom A. from Fowlerville Michigan, a town so small they have their own zip code..... Totally weirdo soundscape of keys & mutant electronics. Imagine Cleveland superstars -in- the-making FRAGMENTS trying to make a soundtrack for a whale blubber factory covered in creeping cosmic black slime.... and you would be in the neighborhood of this outsider noise world. A head scratcher for real homey. Color Covers. $8

AM-735 Handicapper Horns "Sax in the City= One" one-sided LP/ BLACK TO ATTACK!!! Old solo reed project now a fleshed out band with Thrasher Slowson and Sara O'keffe from ARA (whose LP on WHAT THE?? is a stone ruler of sweetnezz) on tenor and alto saxes, bass and regular clarinets and mangled electronics. Debut platter after a handful of gigs in the Natti, Lexington and No Fun 08. Drifting and subterranean noisez that attach on your brain and plant seeds of slow motion anti-body lurking sound creatures inside the shadowz of your skull. Warning: Cemented Freeze Zone. #'erd Edition of 100, paste on sleeves of inzane art. $13

AM-745 Dead Comet Alive "Universe for One" one-sided LP/ Old AT group, first leap into the wax world. DCA is a long-standing ??? electronics??? and ???? home jamming loner sound unit and here's two pieces of other worldly echoing empty universe tone twisters to inhabit a table-for-one ear vacation to the lurking parts of your daily experience. Sounds like having a huge unknown gnawing entity chase you inside a huge unknown sound world, at any speed. Super weird, not Demoon Skirt weird but more...internal noize stylez. Numbered Edition of 100, crazy inzane sleeve paste on. $13

AM-751 The Dead Machines "Zanti Misfit Style" CD/ New jamm from the Olsonz crude sound HQ'erz. This is made right after spending a late night trying to step on/sqwash all the gnarl faced horror ant creatures from The Outer Limits, the ZANTI MISFITS..swear those buggers are the scariest things EVER!!!. A human face on any animal is a spine-tingler but a bunch of spider ants from outer space? NO THANK YOU. Here is the soundtrack to ant-human fight. Five bug faced tracks-over forty minutes of audio grime crawl. New LP on "Big Baller" Mike Pollard's Arbor records soon!! Color covers. $10

AM-757 "Strangled Pairs" Vol. Nine/"Outer Space" (emeralds john & spyked john) CD/ The last time a mug was in Cleveland going to see the amazing KUOLEMA with the local crew, the after gig 3am session landed us at Big John Jr's apartment. The homeboy was jamming a bunch of Emeralds outtakes where they were so brain transported on _ _ _ _ that nothing sequenced up or matched or went in the forward direction. It was pretty amazing to see the jamm components of a massive unit scrambled beyond working order. After that, Big JohnJr played some Lilypad and Outerspace solo pieces that were SUPER weird, like radio ad cut ups, metal cups clinking around, planes taking off, etc. It was REALLY STRANGE. So as me and the DilloDad were stumbling out to the truck, B. John JR. hands me a STACK of the works-in-progress CDs we have been jamming and says "shit man...just take it...get em outta here..." So here is the FIRST in the Big John and Big John, Jr. Outerspace/homespun fruit loop electronic squall. Definite headphone other world negative universe upside down town Lilypad soundtrackz....definately more on the way.........Emeralds (and Fragments) were amazing at the AM 800 party this last July Fourth. Rulin' tymez. Color Covers $10

AM-760 Tovah D. Day/ Invasion Status "Soundtrack For an Actual Size Gachnar" split c90/ The Tovinater solo in a long involved electronic mangle & tape warble suite on side one and side Two has a brand new group from Ovid Elsie Michigan doing what sounds like a two clarinets inside the brain of a giant hollow sleeping creature. Killer split, new sounds, old minds, ancient machines, hidden paths. Color covers. $8

AM-761 Pink Chunk Jazz Band/The Graveyards split c90/ Second split of the set. Pink Chunk Jazz Band returns with two pieces of cardboard drums, plate, high hat, and reeds in non-synch homemade style. Non sense in a-non sense jazz kitchen setting. The Grave side is a unique long duo jam with no percussion, Hell Hall jammin soprano sax, tapes and feedblack and Thrasher Slowson on Bass Clarinet and pattern electronics. Very twisting and strange, like one long bad-news speech stretched out to a 40 min negative space on opposite day study. Definite Quarter Speed influence. Color Covers. $8

AM-762 Paradox #9 art zine booklet + CD/ Latest installment of this long running art/eyeball static zine tribute to the Boston punk art zine of the 80'z. This one is special from the others in that its 10 loose B & W drawings/collage scrawl housed in a thick folder with paste on cover and a General Assurance CD of audio accompaniment. A full inzane experience/ attack!!! $15

AM-763 Awkward Squad "Solo Performance for Oil, Violin, and Arm" 2 CD/ Another new-ish unit from a solo electronic artist in Cadallic Michigan, Brad McNeil. He has done a handful of other AT releases in very small editions but this is the first one thats really available. Sprawling homemade raw electronic sound scape style, but with killer flow and Language-esque hypnotic control/path jammin. Imagine if Nerve Noise Net played reeds but switched to homespun electronics once the pause button was hit? Huh? More comin as this fella seems to be on the non-stop audio war route. Color covers by INZANE. $15

AM-764 Wasteland Jazz Unit "Solar Static Coves" CD/
YES!!!! Killer Natti Art Damage crew of John Rich on clarinet and Jon Lorenz on saxophone. Total basement squall attack style, scatter jazz top volume raw quarter speed on speed sound approach. Three tracks here, all stokers. Seen these mugs live? a jazz version of DECLINO or something.... Future is bright for these hard driving reed biting duo basement monsterz but bright aint really the word here...more like LOUD. Reed favorite sound...Probably the WORST first date music out there...THANK GAWD. Color covers, crazy. $10

AM-775 DS Hastings & DL Savings Time "95 Flashblack Attack"one-sided LP/ Last but no least. Oldest recording here, 13 years!!!. DS Hastings man...what can you say? Well, about:
A: Fresh
B: Old School
C: Waaay Underground
IF you heard his totally obscure output on S.F.C.R in France or Square D recordings from Detroit all before 1995 then you know Hastings has his pulse on some raw, environmental, weirdo, static, fluxus style non-sound. Its like what Captain Crunch listens to before Tony The Tiger walks the plank into a boiling sea of washing-machine chewing sharks. Dude is a HUUGE influence from his like three releases. But you aint gonna see him around live anytime soon......underground..... SO: the record....some label...I forget who/what was gonna do an OG 7" Waaay black in 1995 between DS and DL Savings never saw light....UNTIL GNAW!!! Here is the original recordings and two new Collab tracks. This thing is as raw as chewing on a thirty foot tree with cement teeth while wearing a basement rug as a crotch-cloth. The DL Savings Time track for the 7"is an early reel to reel tape cut up of crude electronics and a crazed instructor yelling at a class, the Hastings track sounds like what the amazing TOM GRIMLEY covered in the basement of the COCK PIT when he took a bunch of broken glass and let it spin in a dryer whilst the crew stage dived off said appliance. Really strange. The new Collab tracks sound like amplified LICE. Just too stoked on this platter. Grip this mug and grin ear to blown out ear for WEAKZ!!!!
Inzane art, numbered edition of 100. $13

All prices postpaid in the US.
No need to reserve items but E-mail for overseas postage quote.

AM ECONO 7" series: I have very few of these...they were the earlier releases with pasted on art and CD but those are long gone...for the last stragglerz/these have new inzane art sleeves , colored vinyl and are $5 each:
Thin Ensemble (90's Lansing Free Unit)
Kill Devil Hills (fag heath & hell hall)
Casket Sinkers (
coorz & dillo)
AM-500 various (the 7" from am 500 set= waves, dm, graves, birth ref)
Boy Dept. Boyz coorz & heath)
Birth Refusal (coorz & connelly)

next couple days the AT paintings site will be up.... Pics of paintings for sale. It will be linked to:
this will be updated regularly with new paintings/ E-mail for info, prices, etc............


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