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AM-890 Half Nelson "Elegy For Weedwhacker & Peaceful Reeds" onesided LP / Man, one of my first jobs as a rat kid was "assistant manager" for LAWN CARE PLUS. My older crew tried they hand a running a Junior in High School Lawn Business, it was kool but gnarly. Raking, mowing over animals and insects, crazy old ladies and lonely rich housewife's, fights with other lawn crews: was a crazy job. We had a friend crew-er that ate a fish outta a small pond that we would illegally dump grass at went totally insane, still to the present last I heard....BUT: On the ruff days when my old skate partner-cum-young entrepreneur Erik had an axe to grind, it was young zone who got "the signal" to just weed whack, aka THE WORST part of the job. The other muggers would be living easy behind they self-propelled mowers, grinning wide. Being the weed whacked means you are doing the 1: lowest job 2: gotta sweep up 3: SUX. The motion Erik would give would be a strong glare, a point, then a weed whacking motion, all silent over the din of the summer bugs and rev'in motors. Ugh. BUT: Good news, that image is NEARLY erased from me rat nugget from this RAW platter au' excellence from young guns HALF NELSON, with they mind freezing basement MONSTERPIECE debut twelve incher for reeds & weed destroyer. A nasty adventure in true git and tape splatter all with the dribbling granite sound desire of damp dusty Joe Hammer Sq. Pitts Youth. Killer first vinyl installment from Mike S & Alex, split LP with other Steeler City thump/thug/basement assaulter Free Clinic soon. Numbered Edition of 100 with handmade art, playable at any speed. $13

AM-891 Miles of Birth "Free Day Vol. 1" cd / OMG! New Years was a hoot hoot at DJ Lonely hearts'. Partied ALL NIGHT in the cove. Was a blast. Woke up the next morn, hit up the Stony Creek for bfast, came home. Set up again and jammed ALL AFTERNOON. Evening Miles, The Conn Artist, and Ziljohn in Comfort zone style. Had Steve Perry napping and watching the brothers focus down on some OUTER LIMIT SOUNDS. Took a break, hit up Circle K for some chips and Tall Boys and when black into the VOID. Killer. Packed up again and went to the Magic Stick for Moon Pool & Dead Machines Randy jammer. Was a killer day of SOUND. More volumes coming of the PILZ styled sound unit. B & W covers. Numbered edition of 40. $6

AM-892 Speacil Speacker "Rap Of Ibogaine & Suet" c90 New weirdo homemade electronics unit. We got a COLONY of squirrels in our black yard. They always creeping and scurrying EVERYWHERE. Freaks our special kitty friends out BIG TIME. Me & Tovinator got a suet square in the big tree for all the birds hanging out, woke up one morn, made coffee and the visual for it was a massive SUET SQUIRREL showdown. Was intense. Imagine them rascals freaking out and mangling some raw homemade oscillators. AND add to that a horrible misspelling of a Church Rap(p) event = Speacil Speacker live between yr. Ears. Color covers, numbered edition. $6

AM-893 The Basket Case "Word To The Reacher Vol 1" cd Whoa!!? Unearthed material from the massive collection of living room / empty art hall practice tapes of the amazing trio of Lisa Colwell on bass & electronics, the amazing Geoff Walker on trumpet, percussion, voice and electronics, and Oldzone on reeds, metal, tapes. All recorded SOMEWHERE in an empty CAID in '98 in the days before we had young 'uns shoving our gear/merch onto the sidewalks of Rosa Parks cause "we were taking too long to load out." Geeesh. Anyway, long tracks to guide yr afternoons into a strange place. B & W art, numbered edition of 50. $6

AM-894 The Basket Case "Word To The Reacher Vol 2" cd Follow up to above. A soundtrick to an inside closet world of inzanity. B & W art, numbered edition of 50 $6.

AM-896 VA "I Drink Deck Wash" 3d set WARNING: TOTAL INZANITY ALERT!
Everyday when I park the Blues Hawk in our Marigree garage I see a big ol' mean jug of DECK WASH staring right at me. Apparently our neighbors feed a dish of it to they dog and now it BARKS ALL THE TIME. Endless, always. Its a cute lil bugger but its nugget/brain is ON FIRE FROMT DECK WARSH. From the sleeplessness from this constant howling and growling at NOTHING from the DECK WARSH dog, I complied this over the late night months: Complete CRAZED COMP of all over tracks of homemade slow motion CHAOS SUPREME!! Peep the line up:
Disc One:
1: Dead Machines
2: Spykes
3: New Device (connelly secret solo, only gig)
4: Scorpion Lollipop (khrust & olzone, post Sonic Youth UBER WASTED house gig)
5: Anti Intelligence
Disc Two:
1: SS Helltrain (evening miles only gig)
2: The Finals (the most unmellow ambiance EVER, recorded/captured)
3: Steel Forest
4: SS Helltrain
5: Tovah D Day
Disc Three:
1: Miles Of Birth
2: Basket Case
3: Speacil Speacker
4: The Finals
5: Stare Case
6: Coors / Cs Yeh (euro soundczech goofin')
7: Speacil Speacker
Three cds. Color cover, with poster...crazy. All over the map homemade inzanity. Edition of 50, numbered. $20

AM-897 Half Case "Joe Hammer Nights" cd. Recent Joe Hammer Sq. Pre gig jamming chaos with Half Nelson and Stare Case from the last tour. Me & Natas showed up early and set up, jammed, the Half Nelson boyz did the same and we cut loose together in the basement for a while two dudes watched. Heres the evidence & Nelsons gig from that show. Half Case only means you gotta glare at the cheap mugs who always grip them cans but dont show up stacked! B & W cover edition of 50. $6

Heres some left overs from the last Stare Case "Actin Bad Tour" = tapes and cds are $6 each.

AM LOCAL WAR-16 The Spykes "Soundtrack to Improper Hearings 1" c90
AM LOCAL WAR-17 The Spykes "Soundtrack to Improper Hearings 2" c90
AM LOCAL WAR-18 The Spykes "Soundtrack to Improper Hearings 3" c90
AM LOCAL WAR-19 The Spykes "Soundtrack to Improper Hearings 4" c90
AM LOCAL WAR -20 Stare Case "Afternoon Core 1" c90
AM LOCAL WAR -21 Stare Case "Afternoon Core 2" c90
AM UPSET PRISONERS-L= Stare Case "Ash From The Burning Log Coated Tape Heads in Half Speed Vol 1"cd
AM UPSET PRISONERS-M= Stare Case "Ash From The Burning Log Coated Tape Heads in Half Speed Vol 2"cd

all prices postpaid in the US. No need to E-mail to hold but overseas players E-mail for postage quote.
Cash and Money Order accepted as well, E-mail for info.


NEXT: AM-895 Spykes "No One Writes To The Colonel" onesided double groove LP, Thames 7", Tyfuss & Dog Dick goofin strong lps, more.....

FEB 11th STARE CASE w/ hordes, others MACS LANSING MI

Thurs Feb 17th Mickey's Madison WI
with DJ Aaron Coyes
riday Feb 18th Mike Mildew's Rehearsal Spot Milwaukee WI
W/ Bloodyminded
Saturday Feb 19th Abbey Pub Chicago
Frontier + Wolf Eyes + Envenomist + BLOODYMINDED
+ Plague Bringer @ The Abbey Pub, Chicago, IL
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tons more gigs !~ STAY SLAY INZANE!!!